The TIP Task Force is a group of editors who specialize in making the wiki more usable. TIP stand for Technologically Illiterate Proofing. This task force was officially established on April 9, 2010, although the work for it had begun before it was founded.

We are rarely active except when a problem on the wiki occurs again and again. That's when we meet to discuss how to improve things.

Our Philosophy

Facebook is a social networking site that connects users of all varying degrees of computer literacy. There are people who don't know what a "link" and what a "browser" are, just as there are programmers capable of creating their own webpages if they should wish to. We aim to make this site usable and friendly towards people of all computer literacy. We understand that users with more computer literacy don't enjoy having sites oversimplified, just as much as we understand the bewilderment users who don't know what a "link" and what a "browser" is experience. We seek a balance between these two opposites, by making the site in small and "invisible" ways more friendly towards all users.

Our Work

This is a quick overview of some of the ideas we have implemented onto this wiki.

Talk Pages

All article talk pages now have the talk header template. Prior to this, users who did not know how to contact the makers of the game would leave messages on talk pages begging for their lost coins or items back, not realizing that we do not have this power. The talk header template was established and placed onto all article talk pages, and since then, the frequency of users mistaking talk pages as a way to contact developers has fallen noticeably.


The Support article details how to send tickets in to Meteor Game's support. However, some players would click on pictures then accidentally vandalize them to say what they were going to send in as a ticket. To prevent this, all pictures on the article now redirect to the game's help index, where they would send in the ticket.


ElfieWizard [User Page - Talk Page]

I'm the leader of this group.

More coming soon!

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