A successful wiki doesn't grow without some guidance, and this wiki is guided by various administrators. If you think you are suitable for the responsibilities and privileges of an administrator, apply on the Island Paradise Wiki:Requests for adminship page.

If you are looking to contact the makers of the game, see the article Support.

GirlieHoward [User Page - Talk Page]

Girliehoward is the goddess of the Wiki. She has ultimate power, but she believes in a laissez-faire community. She watches with interest as the amazing Wiki Contributors go about their work, but seldom feels a need to interfere. The fabulous Goldenguppies is her appointed prophet.

Goldenguppies Goldenguppies [User Page - Talk Page - Article]

Hello there! I handle the day to day running of the wiki. I cover everything from updating the front page with new stuff each week to the news page to simply writing content for many game play articles. I currently occupy the position as the Top Contributer and am the leader of the TIP task force on the wiki.

If you have questions about the wiki (and the wiki only), I'll be the person to ask. I'm generally on the wiki at least once a day.

Avalonrose AvalonRose [User Page - Talk Page]

I add new items, find pics and other odd tasks on the wiki. I usually stop by the wiki throughout the day checking on things. You can also find me on the Island Paradise discussion boards as Rose Vikpirnin.

TheEcho [User Page - Talk Page - Article]

Coming soon!

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