The trophy cup displays the number of trophies you have


The official wall post picture that came with the trophies.

Trophies (also known as achievements) were added to the game on February 5, 2010. Three trophies were retroactive at launch, and all others started accumulating at the time of release. On February 6th, the trophies were temporarily disabled then reinstated on February 9, 2010. You can access your trophy screen by clicking on your gold trophy. This is found between your experience and coin counters.

Completing an achievement will give you 100c and the ability to make a post that gives 50c at no cost to yourself to each of your neighbors that click.

The three retroactive trophies are Canine Comrade, Feline Friend and Lucky Feet, awarded for finding your lost dog, cat and rabbit respectively.


Some trophies have levels, requiring a certain number of actions to reach each level. For example, the first level of the Fruit Fly trophy is awarded after harvesting 30 trees. The second level is awarded after 75 trees. Trophies with multiple levels are cumulative, meaning the actions for completing the first one in the set will carry over for the progress in completing the second, third, fourth and fifth trophy in the set. Each level of a trophy achieved counts as a trophy point displayed on your gold trophy. Trophies with multiple levels will have the "frame" around them change. They go through the order of: wood, stone, bronze, silver and gold. Other trophies will only have 1 level, such as the Canine Comrade trophy, will simply have whatever frame they have.


Grey Achievement

A player who has not yet unlocked the Pet Sitter trophy will see it grey and with a lock over the picture.

Trophies that have not yet been completed, or "unlocked" will display as grayed out. A lock will appear over the picture on the left, and a question mark appears over the trophy cup. The trophy will tell you in a few brief words what you have to do to obtain it.

Viewing TrophiesEdit

You can access your trophy screen by clicking on your gold trophy. This is found between your experience and coin counters. You will only see this while on your home island.

When you are on a friend's island, you can see their gold trophy showing the number of points they have achieved. This is found beneath the mail icon. You can click on their trophy to see what achievements they have recieved.

Visual GuideEdit

Type Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Tree Fruit Fly
(Harvest 30 Trees)
Seed Spitter
(Harvest 75 Trees)
Orange Peeler
(Harvest 300 Trees)
Fruit Mixer
(Harvest 750 Trees)
Tree Hugger
(Harvest 1500 Trees)
Coin Penny Pinching
(Earn 5,000 Coins)
Coin Collector
(Earn 25,000 Coins)
High Roller
(Earn 100,000 Coins)
Money Magnet
(Earn 250,000 Coins)
Half Millionaire
(Earn 500,000 Coins)
Animal Keeper of the Chickens
(Harvest 25 Animals)
Guardian of the Goats
(Harvest 150 Animals)
Shephard of the Sheep
(Harvest 300 animals)
Custodian of the Cows
(Harvest 750 animals)
Lord of the Llamas
(Harvest 1500 animals)
Decorate Bargain Shopper
(Place 10 Decorative Items)
Brilliant Buyer
(Place 50 Decorative Items)
Extraordinary Decorator
(Place 100 Decorative Items)
Feng Shui Employer
(Place 200 Decorative Items)
Tropical Designer
(Place 500 Decorative Items)
Flower Green Thumbs
(Place 5 Flowers)
Budding Amateur
(Place 25 Flowers)
Petal Planter
(Place 50 Flowers)
Blossom Buff
(Place 100 Flowers)
Fragrant Aficionado
(Place 250 Flowers)
Salvage Sand Comber
(Gather 10 pieces of salvage)
Beach Sweeper
(Gather 50 pieces of salvage)
Shore Restorer
(Gather 100 pieces of salvage)
Sea Cleaner
(Gather 250 pieces of salvage)
Salt-Water Steward
(Gather 500 pieces of salvage)
Stealanimal Chicken Scrounger
(Steal from 10 animals)
(Steal from 25 animals)
Sheep Snatcher
(Steal from 100 animals)
Cow Capturer
(Steal from 250 animals)
Llama Lurer
(Steal from 500 animals)
Stealcrop Island Hopper
(Steal from 10 crops)
Raspberry Rogue
(Steal from 25 crops)
Cabbage Crook
(Steal from 100 crops)
Taro Thief
(Steal from 250 crops)
Grape Grabber
(Steal from 500 crops)
Stealtree Leaf Lifter
(Steal from 10 trees)
Berry Burglar
(Steal from 25 trees)
Limb Raider
(Steal from 100 trees)
Fruit Robber
(Steal from 250 trees)
Trunk Embezzler
(Steal from 500 tree
Send gifts Tipper
(Send 25 Gifts)
(Send 50 Gifts)
(Send 100 Gifts)
(Send 175 Gifts)
(Send 250 Gifts)
Receive gifts Recipient
(Receive 25 Gifts)
(Receive 50 Gifts)
(Receive 100 Gifts)
(Recieve 175 Gifts)
(Receive 250 Gifts)
Adopt animals Pet Assistant
(Adopt 5 pets)
Feather Supporter
(Adopt 10 pets)
Critter Collector
(Adopt 15 pets)
Four-Legged Fosterer
(Adopt 20 pets)
Animal Advocate
(Adopt 25 pets)
Fish Fish Line Novice
(Catch 10 fish)
Reel Savvy
(Catch 50 fish)
Hook Hound
(Catch 100 fish)
Bait Expert
(Catch 250 fish)
Net Master
(Catch 500 fish)
Dog Canine Comrade
(Find your lost dog)
Cat Feline Friend
(Find your lost cat)
Pet Sitter Pet Sitter
(Level one animal to level 5)
Chief Groomer
(Level 5 animals to level 5)
Animal Whisperer
(Level 10 animals to level 5)
The Veterinarian
(Level 15 animals to level 5)
Top Paw
(Level 20 animals to level 5)
Rabbit trophy Lucky Feet
(Find your lost rabbit)
Eggscellent Eggs-ellent!
(Collect all 5 sets of easter eggs during the Easter 2010 event.)
Barnyard bumpkin Green Constructor
(Fully upgrade your Barn.)
Habitual Spinner Habitual Spinner
(Spin the Wheel 7 days in a row)
Wheel Devotee
(Spin the Wheel 14 days in a row)
Spin Activist
(Spin the Wheel 21 days in a row)
Wheel Buff
(Spin the Wheel 28 days in a row)
Spinning Fool
(Spin the Wheel 35 days in a row)
Lucky Spin Lucky Spin
(You won the Jackpot!)
Trick or treat achievement

Trick or Treat

(Collect all 6 sets of Halloween treats during the Halloween 2010 event)

Canteen Assistant

Canteen Assistant
(Cook 10 recipes!)

Baking Master
(Cook 60 recipes!)
Cookhouse Connoisseur
(Cook 310 recipes!)
Souf Chef Extraordinaire
(Cook 910 recipes!)
Kitchen King
(Cook 1910 recipes!)
Junior Cropper Junior Cropper (Harvest 100 crops!) Amateur Producer (Harvest 600 crops!) Super Sharecropper (Harvest 3100 crops!) Handy Horticulturist (Harvest 9100 crops!) Agricultural Superstar (Harvest 19100 crops!)
Trainee Gardener (Fully Master 1 Crop!) Apprentice Farmer (Fully Master 6 Crops!) Expert Plower (Fully Master 16 Crops!) Top Cultivator (Fully Master 36 Crops!) Master Harvester (Fully Master 66 Crops!)
Trainee Cook (Fully Master 1 recipes!) Unknown (Fully Master 6 recipes!) Senior Cuisinier (Fully Master 36 recipes!) Master Chef (Fully Master 51 recipes!) Culinary Superstar (Fully Master 111 recipes!

Important things to noteEdit

  • The ones involving flowers and decorations must be purchased flowers from the shop. Taking flowers or decorations from gifts or out of storage will not work.
  • Catching items such as Wood from Fishing will not add to your fishing achievement.
  • Various animals (mostly birds) give fish , but that does not add towards the fishing achievement. It adds towards the one for harvesting animals.

Possible Future TrophiesEdit

  • On the November 18, 2010 Island Paradise update, nine unreleased trophies were accidentally made visible.
  • Their counters do not increase, and they cannot be unlocked.
  • They have no pictures of their own; instead the last valid trophy occuping the same position on a previous page is used.
  • Screenshots of possible future achievements follow...

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