Tranquil Bay


This island upgrade appeared with a "Coming soon!" message on February 25, 2010, when Windswept Cay finally became available for purchase, and was released for buying on April 23, 2010. It has a price tag of 125,000c or 600MC. It is available for purchasing at level 19 if you choose to purchase with coins. It adds an additional 35 grassy plots to the 167 from the previous island, giving a grand total of 202 plots.

The description reads "Not to be mistaken with howling sea lion bay".

You have 6 Fishing whirlpools on this upgrade and a maximum of 6 active stoves. Players can have a maximum of 285 Tiki Power if they have bought any one Tiki Tool.

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  • The Meteor Credit cost was originally going to be 400MC.
  • Tranquil Bay overtook the Poinsettia as the most expensive item in Island Paradise. Now Prosperous Peninsula is the most expensive item in Island Paradise.

Number of ExpansionsEdit

Note: In addition to your main island currently you can have only eight expansions. Also in order to travel to your other islands(or your neighbor's) you must click the Ship icon. The ship icon is located at the bottom of your screen to the far right.

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