This event began on November 17, 2011 with the released of the Get Stuffed! mini-game and Thanksgiving related items, recipes and designs.

Thanksgiving ItemsEdit

The following items were released for Thanksgiving 2011:


Thanksgiving Pottery Stand

Thanksgiving Coconut Tree

Towering Wheat Stalk

Farmer's Cornucopia

Thanksgiving Trellis

Thanksgiving Buffet

Orange Ribbon Tree

Yellow Ribbon Tree

Grand Cornucopia


Wild Turkey

Crepe Turkey




Pumpkins and Gourds

Thanksgiving Wreath

Thanksgiving Cabin

Sweet Potato Sign

Jackatrice Balloon

Tiki Hay Wagon

Turkey Balloon

Turkey Sign

Corn Sign

Fort Fence

Fort Post

Re-released Items





Get Stuffed!Edit

From November 17-December 15, 2011 you could play the Get Stuffed! mini-game. This game gave out prizes when you reached certain point levels.

How to PlayEdit

Just click on the Turkey at the top of your screen to get started!

  • Once you have opened the "Get Stuffed!" Menu, just click the "Play" button to begin.
  • You'll have a minute to fill those feathery little faces with as many stuffing ingredients as you can, but be careful! Those Turkeys will gobble up anything that falls their way. Spoiled food or inedible items will make them sick.
  • Click on each Turkey to open and close their beaks so only the good stuff gets in, and you'll increase your score.
  • If something spoiled slips in, you'll loose points AND the Turkey will be too stunned to eat for a few moments.
  • The game is free to play once every 30 minutes, but Islanders can also choose to spend 10 Meteor Credits or 1 Facebook Credit to skip the wait time, and play again immediately.
  • Each time you play, the points you earn will be added to your total score, getting you that much closer to unlocking the next special item.

How much each piece in the game is worthEdit

Picture Item Points
Good Items
Get Stuffed celery Celery Stalk +25
Get Stuffed cornbread Cornbread +50
Get Stuffed scallion Scallion +10
Bad Items
Get Stuffed bone Bone -5
Get Stuffed fish Fish -30
Get Stuffed rock Rock -15



Picture Points Needed Prize Type
Redcurrant 70 2,500 Redcurrant Crop
Thanksging Topiary 7,500 4 Thanksgiving Topiary Decoration
Hand Turkey 15,000 Hand Turkey Animal-Pet
Thanksgiving Campfire 25,000 2 Thanksgiving Campfire Decoration
Plymouth Rock 37.500 Plymouth Rock Decoration
Wampanoag Longhouse 52,500 Wampanoag Longhouse Decoration
Bundle of Woven Traps 70,000 2 Bundles of 3 Woven Net Traps Fishing Item
Cornucopia of Tiki Mojo 90,000 Corncopia of Tiki Mojo Tiki Mojo
Mayflower 125,000 Mayflower Decoration
Turkey Oven 175,000 Turkey Oven Level 6 Stove


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