Sunning Seal
When first released this decoration could only be found randomly in the Animania Mystery Crate, which is no longer available for purchase. It was re-released from November 4-19, 2010 for 250 MC. When placed on your island a small seal will randomly swim about and the Seal on the rock claps when clicked. Neither the seal on the rock or the one in the water counts towards the Animal Limit since they are basically a decorative feature. You can have as many sunning seals on your island as you want, but there will only ever be one seal in the water at a time. If you press Shift-D to hide the decorations, the seals on land will disappear, but the one in the water will still remain.

It cannot be sold, although if players do not want it on their island, they can simply pick it up with the Move Tool and drop it into storage.


  • The seal was spotted on the Sneak Preview page before it was released.

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