Hey, the Sphinx got a nose job! It looks nice. This item can be purchased for 20000 c and gives 200 xp when bought. The description reads "With a new and improved nose!"


The Sphinx is featured in the news on April 30, 2010. It gives the following riddle:

Gods of ancient Egypt, half human deities.
One is a god of embalming, the other of the river.
One keeps a watchful eye over Egypt's activities.
And the other would take out your liver.
Do you know who we are?[1]

The answer is, Anubis is the god of embalming that will take out your liver. Sobek is the god of the river that keeps a watchful eye over Egypt.


  • The shop description is a reference to the fact the Great Sphinx of Giza has its nose chipped off.[2]

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