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Golden GoatEdit

A mysterious golden goat button appears in the Island Paradise Zazzle Buttons.


If you check the help index, it says that flowers currently have no function, but they will have "additional uses" in the future.

Live ChatEdit

If you check the help index, under the question "How can I talk to my neighbors?" the answer reads "Currently, there is no live chat but you can mail your neighbors by clicking the white envelope, then clicking on COMPOSE."


Note: It is highly likely that this idea will no longer be implemented.

Developers have stated before that the Broken Boat will one day become upgradeable into proper houses. However, with changes made to the boat on May 6, 2010, it seems dubious that the boat will ever become upgraded, since it has been reduced to a basic decoration now - it can be easily moved into storage and it appears on the Shift-M map. If it does become possible to upgrade, it is unknown if it will use the same Logs that are used to upgrade the Barn, wood from salvage, wood from fishing, or wood from an entirely different source.

Other ActivitiesEdit

If you look through the help index, under the question 'What can I do on my neighbors' islands?', the answer is '...New activities are coming soon.'

Stopping StealingEdit

Under the help index, the question 'Is there any way I can stop my neighbors from stealing my crops?', the answer is 'Not yet, but new features are coming soon.'

Unreleased Items Edit

It should be noted that these images have not officially been released by Meteor Games. It is possible that these items could never see the live game, or be changed greatly such that it is unrecognizable by the time it is released.

See alsoEdit

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