This is a guide on how to take a snapshot or picture of your island. You can show these pictures to other people or use it to enter the Island Decoration Contest.

Taking the PictureEdit

Snapshot location

The first step in taking a picture is clicking the Camera icon on you neighbor bar.

Take a snapshot options

There are two options for taking a picture:

-Snapshot of Island or

-Select an Area

Snapshot of Island takes a picture of the whole island while Select an Area allows you to take a picture of a smaller area.

More info on each option follows.

Snapshot entire island

Snapshop of Island

This is an example of what your picture will look like when you select Snapshot of Island. This picture is taken automatically after clicking Snapshop of Island.

Notice you now have the option of adding a caption. Add one if you want to.

If you don't like the picture you can click Skip or use the X in the upper right corner.

If you do like the picture click Submit. This will add it to your Island Paradise Album on Facebook.

Snapshot area

Snapshot of Area

By selecting snapshot of area you will be able to select what part of the island is in your picture. Simply put the orange box over the area you want a picture of.

It should be noted that the actual picture will be a little bigger then the orange box area.

Also the size of the picture can be controlled by zooming in or out.

Snapshot of neighbor

Neighbor's Islands

You can also take a snapshot of your neighbor's island when you visit them. Simply click on the camera icon.

You will only be able to take a picture of their whole island and not an area like you can on your own island.

All pictures taken on neighbor's islands automatically have the "Here I am stealing (Neighbor's name)'s crops!" caption. You can delete this and replace it with something else.

Clicking submit will add the picture to your Neighbor's and your own Island Paradise photo albums.

Sharing your pictureEdit

Snapshot album

If you want to share your photo copy the Public Link at the bottom of the page.

There is also your Avatar ID number. More on that on the Share Your Island page.

Decoration contest photo privacy

Privacy Settings If you want to share your photos with everyone you will might have to change the privacy settings.

First, make sure your “Island Paradise Photos” photo album is set up to be public.

To check this, you can go here: On the drop down bar for “Island Paradise Photos,” make sure it is set to “Everyone,” as seen in this example:

See alsoEdit

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