Single Rocket

Now all I'm missing is a loud explosion!

This limited edition decorative item was added to the shop on December 28th, 2009 for the New Year Celebration 2009/2010 and again for Chinese New Year 2010 from February 5-18, 2010. It was released again for New Year Celebration 2010/2011 for 2011 c and gives 20 xp when bought. Its shop description reads, "Clicking this will light the fuse! Handle with care!"


While moving it, players may find they have lit the fuse and the rocket will go off. It will still be selected by the move tool when it returns to its original form.


Clicking the Single Rocket will cause a fuse to light. The rocket will shoot up into the air and explode in a blast of red and yellow and some round white sparkles. The Single Rocket will then return back to where it originally was. There is no limit to the number of times you can light your Single Rocket.

Originally the Single Rocket cost 5000 c and gave 50 xp when bought.

When released for Chinese New Year 2010 it cost 500 c.

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