Top: A player's island during Advent Calendar 2009 before pressing Shift-S. Below: A player's island after pressing Shift-S.

Shift + s toggles a blanket of snow effect on the player's island.  The chosen effect remained until the player exited the game or hit shift + s again.  It affected the player's view of both the player's own island and neighboring islands. It was usable from December 14th to December 28th, 2009.

For Advent Calendar 2009, the developers added a blanket of snow to everyone's islands on the evening of December 11th.  While many players loved this new feature, it did not go over well with many others.  By the end of the next business day, the developers added this keyboard command to give players the option to play without the snow.  This is a prime example of Meteor Games listening to their players.

During Advent Calendar 2010 the Snow effect was added on December 16. At first Shift-S did not work to remove the snow. This ability was re-added on December 22.

Be sure that you are not in fullscreen mode and have clicked inside the game window and not the white space around it. Also, make sure you are pressing shift and not ctrl.

Keyboard Commands
Shift-A - Shift-D - Shift-F - Shift-M - Shift-P - Shift-S - Shift-T - Shift-C - Shift-X - Shift-8 - Shift-N - Shift-Z - Shift-H - Shift-L

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