This feature can be used only upon your own island. When pressed, the shortcut will open a map of your island, so you can see your island from a top-bottom view. The map is live, meaning if an animal on your island moves while you have it open, its symbol on the map will move too. Your avatar and any Fish Schools remain invisible on the map.

The Shift-m map can be moved so you can view one specific part of the map by clicking and dragging.

Keep in mind that none of the keyboard commands function in full screen mode as it is a limitation of Flash. This also includes naming animals, naming your island and captioning photos. You also have to click inside the game window first (that means not the white space around it). Make sure you are pressing the shift key and not the ctrl key. Make sure you are pressing and holding the Shift key while tapping the M key. Pressing them separately will not cause anything to happen.

If you press Shift-m then enter fullscreen mode, it will remain upon your screen, but you cannot remove it.



Sandy Atoll in shift-m map mode.

Hovering your mouse over various parts of the map will tell you what is there, however, the basic symbols can be classified.

Icon What it is
Big Animal A large red smiley face depicts a large animal like a Cow.
Small Animal A small red smiley face 1/4 the size of the large one depicts a small animal.
Big Decoration A large striped square shows a large piece of decoration, such as a Cornucopia.
Small Decoration A small striped square 1/4 the size of the large one shows a small piece of decoration like a Beach Chair.
Land This shows either a plot of plowed land or a plot of fallow land.
Empty land This shows land that is neither fallow nor plowed, but a simple grassy patch.
Trees Trees are shown as small green dots.
Shift M Flower Flowers are displayed as funky looking pinkish-purple blobs. (There are 3 in the picture.)


  • This is the third known short cut added to Island Paradise, after Shift-t and Shift-f.
  • The Broken Boat used to be invisible on the map until a change on May 6, 2010.

Keyboard Commands
Shift-A - Shift-D - Shift-F - Shift-M - Shift-P - Shift-S - Shift-T - Shift-C - Shift-X - Shift-8 - Shift-N - Shift-Z - Shift-H - Shift-L

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