Englishgamehen Shift-A no longer functions.

This keyboard command toggled achievements/trophies. It was accidentally released and discovered on January 28, 2010. The command displayed a screen with three pages showing achievement levels: gold, silver, and bronze. There was nothing under the gold tab and only 1 locked item under silver and 1 locked item under bronze. This feature was quickly removed.

A new Trophies interface was added to the game on February 5, 2010, but it does not use the Shift-A keyboard command.

Keyboard Commands
Shift-A - Shift-D - Shift-F - Shift-M - Shift-P - Shift-S - Shift-T - Shift-C - Shift-X - Shift-8 - Shift-N - Shift-Z - Shift-H - Shift-L

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