Saving the game is important so as not to lose data. If coins or items are lost, contact support.


The save button was created to decrease the lag in the game and render it more playable. The game used to have no save button and it went slowly. For instance, to plant 50 plots of land, the player had to click through all 50 to plow first (which would take a long time as each plot had to register with server), then the 50 plots would need to be seeded (which would again take a very long time). When the time came for it to ripen, they would not ripen uniformly. They would ripen each a few seconds apart so it could take up to several minutes just for the entire 50 plots to ripen.

With the introduction of the save button, the lag was minimized and made the game more playable.

Save ButtonEdit

Save button dark grey

On the left, the faded unclickable Save button. On the right, the dark grey clickable Save button.

The save button has a faded look to it and will flash dark grey with an exclamation mark when an action you have completed may be lost if you leave without clicking the save button or waiting up to 15 seconds for an autosave.

If you click it while it is dark grey, it will save without forcing you to quit.

Forced SaveEdit

It is possible to make the game save without waiting 15 seconds or hitting the save button and exiting. You can open your inventory or gifts. If you have a stove for Cooking you can click on it to open your Cookbook. You can click the gold trophy by your experience bar for a forced save as well.

How to enable the save buttonEdit

When the save button is grey, it can't be clicked to make the game save. An easy way to turn the button dark grey, so you can click it, is by using the move tool on an object (you don't have to actually move anything).

How to tell if save was successful or notEdit

  • If you had pressed the save button the swirling sun vanishes.
  • Animals can move normally. They do not bounce or walk on the spot and are able to change directions.
  • If you had pressed Shift-T before, the trees reappear.
  • If you had pressed Shift-D before, the decorations reappear.

Old SystemEdit


The asterisk players would have to let disappear.

Under the old system, players would have had to click the Save button and quit after each time or wait 15 seconds for the asterisk to disappear.

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