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The daily quests system was added on June 23, 2011. Completing quests gives rewards that include items and XP.

Where to get a QuestEdit

Quests are received by Fishing a Mermaid Conch or by finding a Genie Lamp as a piece of salvage along your shoreline. On July 14, 2011, an update made it possible for the Mermaid Conch to also be found, if you did not already have it, through the Hyena harvest.

Once you find one of these a Quest book icon will appear on the left side of your screen. Clicking this book will allow you to do the quests. After the initial quest you receive an item, the Genie in a Bottle or the Rocky Outcropping. You must place this item on your island to receive more requests. After you place the item on your island, clicking on it will bring up a list of quests. After you accept a quest here it will also appear in your main Quest book.


There is a daily limit of five quests. With some quests there is a also a limit of 24 hours to complete the quest once you accept it. On July 8 it was announced that this 24 hour time limit would be removed.

Important NotesEdit

  • Some quests require that you harvest a certain plant, tree, etc. It is advised that you have the item ready to harvest before accepting the quest.
  • For quests that require a design: You must wait to after you accept the quest to start making any Designs.
  • Some quests can be repeated. This also allows you to get more Reputation points.
  • Quests reset at midnight(Eastern Time zone).
  • A deleted quest will appear again after 48 hours.
  • The Rocky Outcropping is placed in the water while the lamp is placed anywhere on the island.

The QuestsEdit

The GenieEdit

After you find the initial bottle along your shoreline the Genie in the Lamp appears in your Storage. Placing it on your island allows access to more quests by clicking on the Genie in a Lamp.

Quest Name To Complete Task: Repeatable? Reward XP Reward Reputation Reward How to unlock task
Fruit Fix!.

Harvest from 11 plots of Pineapples, 6 Orange trees, 8 Banana trees

Yes None 5 125
Feed Me!

Cook 18 Dishes for the Genie.

Yes None 5 75
Big Spender! Spend 100,000 in coins in the Shop. No Money Tree 50 None Reach Casual Reputation
Super Strength! Plow 150 plots. Yes None 10 175 Reach Casual Reputation
Tiki Time! Mix 12 Tiki Drinks Yes None 10 125 Reach Casual Reputation
Animal Lover! Earn 50 Animal Hearts! Yes None 15 250 Reach Friendly Reputation
Pet Protector! Earn 500 Animal Hearts! No Bouncer Gorilla 50 None Reach Friendly Reputation
Super Saver! Earn and save 1,000,000 c. No Cave of Wonderment 50 None Reach Esteemed Reputation

Eline the MermaidEdit

After you complete the initial task for the Eline you must place the Rocky Outcropping you receive as reward in your water around your island. This allows to access more quests by clicking on the Rocky Outcropping.

Quest Name To Complete Task: Repeatable? Reward XP Reward Reputation Reward How to unlock task
Attract a mermaid! Cook 3 Poi No Rocky Outcropping 15 None Find a Mermaid Conch
Kind-Hearted Kelpie Reach Casual reputation with the Mermaid! Requires 1000 Reputation points No 600 c 10 Unlocks Mermaid Mirror in Shop. Complete Attract a mermaid! quest
Prettify My Pad! Buy 4 Blue Shells, 2 Golden Urns, 3 Ancient Pots Yes 150 c 15 75 Complete Attract a mermaid! quest
All About Accessories! Make 1 Ship in a Bottle and 1 Coconut Piggy Bank. Yes None 15 125 Complete Attract a mermaid! quest
Salt-Water-Siren Reach Friendly Reputation with the Mermaid (5000 Reputation Points) No 800 c 15 Unlocks Mermaid Harp in Shop. Complete Kind-Hearted Kelpie quest
Looking for Love Make 1 Hot Fuchsia Dye, Make 1 Joss Paper Yes Personal Advert 15 125 Complete Kind-Hearted Kelpie quest
That Sinking Feeling

Buy 1 SOS Rock, Make 1 Twine, Have a Personal Advert, Find 1 Bottle

Yes None 15 175

Complete Kind-Hearted Kelpie quest

Bathing Beauty Reach Esteemed Reputation with the Mermaid (15,000 Reputation Points) No 1000 c 20 Unlocks Seafoam Tree in Shop. Complete Salt-Water Siren Quest
Model Merman Make a Merman Statue Yes None 15 250 Complete Salt-Water-Siren quest

Reputation PointsEdit

Completing tasks earns you points toward your reputation with the Genie or the Mermaid. This chart lists the different levels of reputation.

Level Points
Aloof 0-999
Casual 1000-4999
Friendly 5000-14999
Esteemed 15000-?

Gallery of PicturesEdit