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Patch Notes

  • AvalonRose

    Patch Notes 10/14/10

    October 24, 2010 by AvalonRose

    Turtles Log
    Egret Pond (LE MC)
    Fireflies Willow Tree (LE MC)
    Mossy Rock
    Watery Tree Stump
    L'il Lagoon Lucy (LE MC harvestable animal)
    Waterlily Pads

    Fish and Chips


    Pumpkin (LE crop)
    - Can grow into either a Pumpkin or Jack-O-Lantern

    Each player is gifted a Jack-O-Lantern.
    Collect items by visiting your friends and clicking on their Jack-O-Lantern. You can also buy the collection items in the "New It…

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  • AvalonRose

    Patch Notes 10/07/10

    October 14, 2010 by AvalonRose

    Egyptian Mystery Crate (Limited Edition MC)
    - Camel
    - Mulberry Tree
    - Stone Sarcophagus
    - Papyrus Pool
    - Bast Statue

    Aztec/Mayan Theme Pack
    - Mayan Fountain (Limited Edition MC)
    - Mayan Totem (Limited Edition)
    - Meditative Hand Ruin
    - Carved Ruin Head
    - 2 clothing items

    - Honeydew Melon

    - Ceiba Tree

    - Spanish Bull (Limited Edition MC Pet)

    - Lemonade
    - Sugar
    - Flour
    - Fig Cookies

    - Maximizing Animal Trough (Limited Edition MC)
    Increases the number of harvestable animals a person can have …

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  • AvalonRose

    Here ya go:

    Level 9 Island Upgrade - Jumbo Barrier Reef (1,000,000 coins or 600 MC)

    Eight new decorations:
    - Barong Mask
    - Maori Mask
    - Flower Arch
    - Small Rock Island (Water item)
    - Mangrove (Water Item; MC item)
    - Phormium (Flower)
    - Plumeria (Flower)
    - Water Hut (Water Item)

    New Crop:
    - Kumquat (3 XP to harvest, 8 fruits per plant, 30 Coins each)

    New Recipe:
    - Apricot Jam

    New Clothing:
    - Leaf Skirt

    New Feature:
    - Tiki Altar
    Friends can donate 10 coins to add 5 Tiki Points to your altar. Click on the altar to r…

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  • AvalonRose

    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Theme Pack

    - 1 tree:
    Squid Tree (LE MC)

    - 4 Decorations:
    Abandoned Diving Helmet
    Squid Tentacle
    Waving Octopus (LE MC)

    - 4 Clothing Items
    Diving Pants
    Diving Suit
    Diving Helmet
    Squid Hat

    - Bon Voyage Mystery Crate (contains one of five exclusive items)

    - 3 MC items on sale 30-50% off


    Fixed cases of players not receiving 10 MC on level up.


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  • AvalonRose

    - 8 Limited Edition decorative items
    - 8 Limited Edition clothing items
    - 1 Limited Edition crop: Booty Berries (4 hr grow time)
    - 1 Limited Edition animals: Jolly Roger Cow (8 hr harvest cycle)

    - New loading screen pictures w/ competition winners' islands

    - Monkey improvements
    Can now customize monkey's actions
    Monkey Face icon added
    No limit on Mystic Bananas
    Larger batches of bananas in store

    - Purchase coins with MC option now located in Boost section of store


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  • AvalonRose

    Theme Pack - Desserted Island

    Sweet/Candy related items and clothes
    - Unicorn (Limited Edition MC pet)
    - Cotton Candy Tree (Limited Edition MC tree)
    - Gumdrop Bushes (Limited Edition crop)
    - Rainbow Fountain (Limited Edition MC item)
    - Giant Cake
    - Candy Mountain
    - Cotton Candy Machine
    - Cupcake Hat

    Bug Fixes & Improvements
    - Small Monkey improvements (related to barn)
    - Fixed Barns reverting to level 1 when moved to storage


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  • AvalonRose

    Patch Notes (August 19, 2010)
    - Theme Pack - Jungle

    Jungle related items and clothes
    - Pygmy Hippo Pond (Limited Edition MC item)
    - Snoozing Snake (Limited Edition MC item)
    - Aglaonema
    - Small Jungle Tree
    - Large Jungle Tree
    - Jungle Ferns
    - Lemur Ruins
    - Bug Log
    - Jungle Explorer Shirt
    - Jungle Explorer Pants
    - Pith Helmet
    - Mystic Bananas (Gift)
    - Mystic Bananas (Boost)


    -- Mystic Bananas are required to provide the Mon…

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  • AvalonRose

    Patch Notes (August 12, 2010)

    New Items
    - Brown Spotshire Pig(MC item)
    -- Produces Truffles
    - Dark Volcano (Limited Edition MC item)
    - Peach Tree
    -- Produces Peaches
    - Wheat (New Crop)
    - Tiki God of Power (New Structure)
    -- Adds 40 points to the max tiki energy you can regenerate.
    - Baby Blue Parasol
    - Baby Blue Beach Chair
    - Baby Blue Lounge Chair
    - Light Framed Crate
    - Dark Framed Crate
    - White Framed Crate

    New Competition Winners
    - Congratulations to our island decoration contest winners; Kellarnie, Edyta, M…

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  • AvalonRose

    Patch Notes (August 3, 2010)
    - Theme Pack - Desert/Western - 2

    Western related items and clothes
    - Holstein Cow (Limited Edition MC item)
    -- Produces Cow's Milk
    - Robo Scraps (Limited Edition MC item)
    - Mine Cart
    - Mine Shaft
    - Rock Arch
    - Small Rock Spires
    - Cow Skull
    - Bandit Hat
    - Bandit Jacket
    - Bandit Pants

    Tiki God of Cooking
    - Allows the player to use double the ingredients to produce double the recipe in the time it takes to process the single recipe.

    Bug Fixes & Improvements
    - Improved Shop
    -- New sorti…

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  • AvalonRose

    Patch Notes (July 22, 2010)
    Theme Pack -Desert/Western - 1

    Western related items and clothes
    - TNT Crate (Limited Edition MC item)
    - Wagon Wheel
    - Cactus
    - Forked Rock Spires
    - Large Rock Spire
    - Ranch Town Sign
    - Cowboy Hat
    - Cowboy Vest
    - Cowboy Pants

    Leo Zodiac Statue (Limited Edition MC item)
    - Will appear in the shop on July 23

    Jungle Mystery Crate (Limited Edition MC item)
    - Black Panther
    - Jungle Pillar
    - Ganesh Statue
    - Toucan Trees
    - Jungle Wall Ruins

    Levels 40-80
    - Tiki Outhouse
    - Tiki Tackle Station
    - Aloh…

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  • AvalonRose

    Patch Notes (July 15, 2010)

    Theme Pack -Prehistoric Times

    - Prehistoric related items and clothes
    - - Corpse Flower
    - - Pitcher Plant
    - - Giant Fern
    - - Headhunter Decor
    - - Prehistoric Cave
    - - Prehistoric Hut
    - - Stone Wheel
    - - Triceratops (Limited Edition MC pet)
    - - Caveman Tunic
    - - Cavewoman Dress

    - New Island Expansion
    - - Grand Isle
    - - - Requires level 20 and Costs 500,000 coinsOR600 MC and no level requirement

    - Structures
    - - Structures are unique features that will provide additional features on yo…

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  • AvalonRose

    Theme Pack - Garden Pack 2*Garden related items and clothes

      • Stone Fence
      • Stone Post
      • Fern Pot
      • Stacked Sacks
      • Flower Pot
      • Lion Topiary
      • Toucan Topiary
      • White Trellis (Limited Edition MC item)
      • Butterfly Bush (Limited Edition MC item)
      • Headscarf
    • Re-release of the Wither Eliminator totem
      • The totem will prevent any crop from withering, even when not placed on the island.

    New Competition Winners*Congratulations to our island decoration contest winners; Antonela, Sara, Meghan and Julie! You won 2,000 MCs and your submissi…

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  • Goldenguppies

    Happy Easter everyone!

    We added an Easter Egg hunt to the game!

    • Users will have to collect 8 eggs of every color to complete the hunt and earn the Eggs-ellent trophy and a very special gift. Also, collecting 8 of a color will give the user a special reward.

    After moving the basket to their island, and clicking the basket, a menu will pop up to display how many eggs the user has collected. They must gather 8 eggs of each color to unlock exclusive, Easter prizes. In order to collect eggs, the user…

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