Full Name

Oliver Brodhage


Presumably somewhere in California

Other Location

Lower left hand corner of your game screen

Also known as


Which stands for

The Phantom Olive Shirt Guy

Ollie, also known as TPOSG, is one of the developers of the game Island Paradise. His appearance on your island may be random or triggered by an easter egg. Players who have never seen him may refer to him as the "Surfer Dude".

TPOSG stands for The Phantom Olive Shirt Guy. Ollie wears an olive green shirt, thus the reason why he is the Phantom Olive Shirt Guy.

Who's Ollie?

Oliver, often referred to simply as Ollie, is one of the developers of the game. He may be rather well-known by some gamers since he worked for Adam and Donna Powell (the two founders of Meteor Games) when they worked on Neopets. On Neopets, he was also a sort of celebrity since he frequently appeared in games if you clicked on the right spot. On VPN, Ollie was also an easter egg. Ollie left Neopets to continue working for Adam and Donna Powell.

He is the only known developer on the Meteor Games Team to have two Facebook accounts that are both registered as developers. They are "Meteor Ollie" and "Oliver Brodhage".

Where is he to be found?

The two ways of summoning Ollie is to type "tposg" after clicking inside the game window or to click the lower left hand corner of the game window, just above the neighbor bar. Players can hear a twang when he appears.

Ollie can also be found in the last page of the old tutorial that players see when they first play the game. He does not appear in the new tutorial.

Clothes Changes

Ollie seems to enjoy keeping up with fashion. For instance, for Advent Calendar 2009, he changed his normal sunglasses for an elf hat, and caused players who had never seen him to mistake him for an elf. For New Year Celebration 2009/2010, he wore a party hat, complete with fireworks going off behind him. With the release of Egyptian themed items such as the Hieroglyphic Stone, Golden Urn and many other decorations, he wore the mummy head wrap and caused players to mistake him for a giant mummy.


  • On Neopets, Ollie was still TPOSG, but it stood for The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy. Most of the easter eggs then were clicking eyes. But when he joined Meteor Games he change it to The Phantom Olive Shirt Guy. In this interview ( he explains why he changed.
  • Ollie was a member of the band Red Hot Roxy before it's break-up

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