The neighbor bar (or neighbar, as some players will refer to it for short) is the bar consisting of your neighbors as well as several other options.

Visual GuideEdit

Refer to the image below for what each will do. They are referred to from left to right, top to bottom. Follow the colored circles.

Pink: The version of the game you are playing. It is important to play the latest version.Yellow: Clicking this will redirect you to a screen where you can invite friends who are not yet playing Island Paradise to play!

Red: This is you. Only you will have the orange bar at the bottom, all your neighbors will have blue.

Orange: This is your neighbor's profile picture. Click on it to visit their island, where you can steal and salvage.

Grey: This is your neighbor's name. (Or yours if it is the orange one.)

Blue: This is the rank of your neighbor upon your neighbor bar (or yours if it is the orange one). This may or may not be where they would rank worldwide.

Purple: This is how much experience your neighbor has. (Or yours if it is the orange one.)

Green: This is your neighbor's level. (Or yours if it is the orange one.)

Black: These two buttons allow you to scroll through your neighbor bar. There is one set on either side and will allow you to scroll in the direction they point. The top one will scroll one neighbor at a time, the bottom one will scroll to the next or previous 8 neighbors.

Dark Green: These are the gifts you have unused. The number on the box reflects the number of gifts you have inside. For the main article, see Gifting.

Dark Blue: This is your Island Paradise mail. If you have mail to read, the letter will have numbers in front of it. You can also use it to compose mail to any of your neighbors. For the main article, see Mailbox.

Dark Purple: This allows you to take pictures of your island. For the main article, see Snapshot.

Bright Blue: This is news from the developers. When there is new news for you to read, it will automatically open for you to read when you load your island. If you want to reread it or read old news, click the bottle icon. For the latest news, see News.


The Neighbor Bar is limited to 400 neighbors. If you have over 400 neighbors the game will randomly chose 400 to display every time you load the game.



Sometimes players will see the neighbor bar load and their name appear as 'null'. Reload the game to make it go away. It can take many tries. Generally, problems associated with players seeing themselves as null is because of Facebook issues.

Disappearing PicturesEdit

Your picture, or your neighbor's pictures may disappear. Reload the game to make it go away. It can take many tries. Generally, problems associated with players seeing no photos is because of Facebook issues.

Swirling SunEdit

At times, the neighbor bar may refuse to load. You can try reloading, or you may find all other suggestions on our Improper Loading page.

See alsoEdit

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