Mystery crate

The Mystery Crate as it appears in the shop.

Similar to the Holiday Crate this item gives you a random MC animal or decoration. The description reads "Open this crate and you'll find a random surprise animal or item inside. It'll be worth at least 250 MC - and it could be worth more!".

Like the Holiday Crate there was no actual Mystery Crate you could put as a decoration on your island. Instead, items automatically appear in your storage area. (Click on your inventory chest, then click the "Storage" tab.)

Because the chances of getting anything from the Mystery Crate is random, it is altogether possible players can spend thousands of Meteor Credits buying the crate without getting what they want. There is no way to "increase" your chances of getting what you want.

Items obtained from the crate cannot be sold because they are Meteor Credit items.

The Mystery Crate is in no way the same item as the Mystery Gift Box.

What could be in the boxEdit

Unique ItemsEdit

There are two animals and one decoration that can be obtained from the Mystery Crate, and the Mystery Crate only. These items are ultra-rare, meaning that it is extremely difficult to obtain these items. The decoration is the Grand Fountain. The animals are the Golden Goose and Kangaroo. Only the Golden Goose counts towards the Animal Limit, the Kangaroo is a pet, and therefore does not.


  • Mystery Crate items used to appear in the gift box.

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