Island Paradise allows players to communicate within the game itself with the use of a mailing system.



Mailbox 01
Receiving mail is easy, since it is done automatically. When you have unread messages, a number will appear on the mail icon on the neighbor bar. The number reflects the number of unread messages that you have. To read the messages, just click on the icon on your neighbor bar.
Mailbox 02
A pop-up will appear, containing all the mail that you have in an inbox. To close the pop-up, the red X in the top right hand corner will do it.

Each message appears with the name of the sender and a time stamp, with the option to delete the message (even without reading it). Keep in mind that the time stamp is based on Pacific Standard Time (PST), where the Meteor Games office is based, not where you live.

To read a message, simply click on it and it will open.

Mailbox 03 After clicking on the piece of mail you wish to read, you can read it. There will be the option to report the message if it is inappropriate (see below), the option to reply to the message (see below), and the option just to go back to your inbox and read some other mail.


Mailbox 04 After hitting reply, a long line consisting of many ---- will appear, above which you can type in your reply. Your neighbor's message will also appear with two >> symbols, to make it doubly clear who said what in the conversation.

Reporting MessagesEdit

Mailbox 05 If a neighbor sends you messages harassing you, you can report them and appropriate action will be taken by Meteor Games[1]. To report them, open the offending message and click the "Report" button above the message. When you return to your inbox, the message will be marked with a glowing red exclamation point.

If you accidentally reported a message that you didn't mean to, it will be checked over by staff members, and if they see nothing wrong, it will be ignored, so you have nothing to worry about.


Mailbox 01
Open your inbox and click the large button on the lower right that reads "COMPOSE".
Mailbox 06 You'll reach a screen similar to this one, where you can type in your message and select the neighbor you want to send to. If you want to find a neighbor quickly, click on the drop down list and hit the first letter of their name on your keyboard. In this example, if you wanted to find Peter Mallard Duck, you would click the drop down list and hit "P" for Peter and then scroll to find his name.

Alternative MethodEdit

Mailbox 07 You may, alternatively, do a barrel roll or travel to the neighbor's island and then hit the mail icon on the upper left hand corner, just under where their picture is, and above the Trophies and left of the Tiki Power bar. The rest is the same process of sending as described above.

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