Little Reef

The Little Reef upgrade with plots from previous upgrades plowed.

This island upgrade costs 5000 c with a requirement of level 9 or 300 Meteor Credits with no level requirements. It has 77 plots of land, which means it grew by 21 plots from the Sunny Isle upgrade. This is the first upgrade where small "satellite islands" that can't be used appear. These later grow into larger sandbars and peninsulas in the next upgrade, Sandy Atoll.

On Little Reef, a player can have three active cooking pots and five fishing whirlpools. If the player has bought any Tiki Tool and has a Tiki Power bar, the maximum amount of tiki power is 220.


This upgrade used to have a neighbor requirement of 4 neighbors.

Number of ExpansionsEdit

Note: In addition to your main island currently you can have only eight expansions. Also in order to travel to your other islands(or your neighbor's) you must click the Ship icon. The ship icon is located at the bottom of your screen to the far right.

See alsoEdit

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