Limited Edition star

The gold star with a capital L for limited edition items.


Examples of limited edition items.

When items are limited edition, it means they will only be available during a certain time. After that, they will no longer be sold although players who have already bought one will get to keep theirs. You can tell items are limited edition when they appear in the Shop with a gold L next to it.

Limited Edition items can be Meteor Credits or Coin items. They are not limited to decorations only, as there have been limited edition Trees, Crops and Animals.


While the idea of "Limited Edition" items implies that it will not be made available again, Meteor Games has made several limited edition items available more than once. Re-release is an extremely rare occurrence, and only happens when extenuating circumstances demand it.


The Fireworks Box and the Single Rocket were first released as limited edition items for New Year Celebration 2009/2010. Following that however, the Fireworks Box became one of the items found inside the Mystery Crate, and still remains as an item from the Mystery Crate. Both the Fireworks Box and the Single Rocket became available for purchase again during Chinese New Year 2010.

St. Patrick's Day 2010Edit

The Island Crash March 2010 caused many players to lose the decorations they had just bought not so long ago, such as the Large Stonehenge and Pot of Gold. They were re-released while support reimbursed coins so that the task of reimbursing thousands of players could go by faster, rather than having to give back each specific item in the right quantity. (This also gave many players the added bonus of getting to spend their coins a second time on the same item and gain some more experience, or to purchase something else altogether if they wanted to.)