These are instructions for leaving Island Paradise but remember even if you leave your island will always be there waiting for you since all island information is stored on Meteor Games servers.

The Correct Procedure for Leaving the Game Edit

Island Paradise can be removed from your Facebook applications very easily.

  1. Click on Account in the upper right corner of your screen while viewing Facebook and click Application Settings.
  2. Click on the X to the right of Island Paradise to remove the game.

The Incorrect Procedure for Leaving the  Game Edit

Sadly, many users do not follow the correct procedure, favoring this method instead:

  1. Post on the Facebook discussion forums announcing your resignation from the game.
  2. Don't actually leave the game.

It is widely believed users who threaten to leave the game are simply seeking attention. This diverts attention the Island Paradise developers could be paying to users who want to play and help improve the game, so is discouraged.

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