Island Paradise
Island paradise 04
The best tropical Island themed game around :D

Developed by

Meteor Games

Release date

August 24, 2009

Game Status

Open Beta

Monthly active users



3.9 out of 5

Launched on August 24, 2009, Island Paradise is a game entire based on the Facebook platform. It is an application made by Meteor Games with over 10 million registered players [1], 2 million monthly active users[2] and over 3 million fans[3]. This game is free to play with extra add-ons players can choose to purchase with real life money.

Other languages

Island Paradise is available in 34 languages other than English. Meteor Games depends on player contributions to translate the game from English into these other languages.


Island Paradise is centered around farming as the basic skill. Players can choose to plant crops of different time lengths and harvest them. Decorating one's island is also a favorite pastime of many players. In addition to growing crops, players can plant trees and tend animals. Moreover, players can go fishing. With the products from crop growing, trees, animals and fishing, players can cook these products and sell them for a profit.

Interactions with Friends

Facebook is a social networking site, and Island Paradise allows players to interact with their friends once they add the game. Once the game is added, friends become neighbors and they can interact by sending free gifts each day, reviving withered crops and even to steal from a neighbor's harvest.


A rich community of players from all around the world has sprung up around Island Paradise. Players will find a community at the Meteor Games' forum and a different one on the discussion boards. While there certainly is some overlap between the two, both communities are generally helpful to players who ask questions and both are monitored by Echo, perhaps the most well known Meteor Games staff member, as she is the Community Manager.

There are also various groups and pages on Facebook, run by players that other players can use. Indeed, the wiki itself has its own page here.



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