On September 23, 2011 Island Paradise experienced a major crash. The game was down for over half a day and when it came back up some players were missing items, XP and/or island expansions.

Response from Meteor GamesEdit

On September 29, 2011 MG announced that they had a patch that would restore items lost during the crash. Here is the post that MG put on the Island Paradise wall:

**Update to Missing Items/Islands on Friday**

We are looking at completing a patch to the lost expansion island/server crash issue of last Friday. We plan to send the patch out in batches, beginning on Monday, October 3rd. We hope to have this resolved for everyone by the end of next week. This update will restore the following:

  1. Lost XP
  2. Lost Gold
  3. Missing Island upgrades
  4. Missing Expansion purchases
  5. Missing Non–crop terrain features (items). These will appear in your gift box.
  6. Missing Animals

(Some of you may still have other items that were not restored. If you find anything else missing after the patch has occurred, please send a us a new ticket and let us know)

We will be sending an email response to those of you that wrote in telling us about the server crash on Friday. The email is to confirm that your items were in fact restored and your account was part of this patch. We have been holding off on sending anything until we were certain of when we could complete the patch.

Realizing that this is not the only high priority bug that has been reported, our team members are continuing to investigate and locate other issues such as: everything in storage and new fishing bugs.

Because of the troubles the server crash caused, be sending a special package out to players that logged in during the month of September which includes the following items!

A new Golden Sea Monster, the Blush Nectarine Tree, a Small Pond, 10x Tiki Mojo, and a Mini Volcano.

This special package will also be posted on the forums as well.

Island Paradise will be also be offering a sale on boosts (fertilizers, tree grow, tiki potions, harvest charms, Mystic bananas)

Again-we cannot thank our dedicated players enough for your patience and understanding while the team thoroughly investigated the damage. By allowing us the time to research the problem, we were able to find the root cause within the server and create a fix in a relatively timely manner. Should you find anything not as it should be, please contact us here at and we will respond to you as soon as possible.


Special PackageEdit

Special Gift package
The special package that MG sent out included:

Golden Nessie

Blush Nectarine Tree

Small Pond

10x Tiki Mojo

Mini Volcano