Ice mystery crate
This Limited Edition item was available for 350 MC from July 1-23, 2010 and gave 1 xp when bought. The description reads "Contains 1 of 5 exclusive MC, ice themed surprises that can't be found anywhere else!" True to its description, all items inside the Ice Mystery Crate cannot be bought elsewhere. What you get from the Ice Mystery Crate is entirely random however, so there is no way to pick and choose, or to "increase" your chances. It is possible to receive the same item more than once if you purchase the crate more than once.

It was re-released from December 22-29, 2010 for 250 MC. It was re-released again for Advent Calendar 2011 from December 12-26, 2011.When it was re-released it no longer contained the Igloo.

This crate is not the same object as the Mystery Crate or the Mystery Gift Box, nor will it give the same items as the other two.

What's insideEdit

Polar Bear -a harvest-able animal


Iced Cherry Tree-a harvest-able tree


Igloo-not available in the crate during the re-release from December 22-29, 2010 or the re-released from December 12-26, 2011.

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