Hieroglyphic stone

I wonder what it says? This item can be purchased for 5500 c and gives 55 xp when bought. The description reads "Translate with the Rosetta Stone."

Stone's MessageEdit

The first character of the stone represents "folded linen", for either the letter S or a soft C[1]. The second character of the stone stands for a "loaf of bread", for the letter T[1][2]. The third character stands for "lasso", for the letter O[2][3]. The fourth character stands for "water", or the letter N[1]. The fifth character stands for "forearm", which stands either for the letter A or the letter B[1].

From that, we can conclude that it means "STONA", "STONB", "CTONA" or "CTONB", none of which are words found in the Oxford English Dictionary[4][5][6][7]. One would assume that it was the word "STONE" from the fact that "STONA" and "STONB" are just one letter different, however, there is no evidence to suggest it is so.

So, is the stone containing a cryptic message, or is it just the artists playing with our minds? No one knows.

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