This event began on October 14th, and came with the release of a few Halloween-themed items, as well as the Trick or Treat achievement. It included the re-released of several items and the Pumpkin crop from Halloween 2009.

Trick or TreatingEdit

Players found a Jack O' Lantern in their gift boxes on October 14th. Placing it on their islands and clicking it caused a menu to open. Players can see what prizes they already got by clicking on the "What's this?" button at the top of that menu, opening a second menu.

Players can collect treats by either "Trick or Treating" on neighbor's islands or by purchasing the treats for 10 MC each from the shop. The treats from neighbors will appear inside the gift box. Treats purchased with MCs go directly to the collection page. Clicking "Use" in the gift box will transfer the treat to the collection screen. Treats can be sold for 10 c each, so don't make the mistake of hitting the "Sell" button because you'd have to collect them again!

To Trick or Treat one must visit a neighbor's island and click on their Jack O'Lantern. Either they will get a treat or a trick. The trick is some spooky noises(the screen no longer flashes). You can trick or treat a neighbor every 20 hours.

Players have to find 5 treats of each type, and there are 6 types, making a total of 30 treats. Once 5 of each treat has been found, players can redeem them for a prize! After redeeming the player can also purchase more of the prize item in the shop for coins until November 12th. Finding all 30 treats will also give them an additional prize! Prizes are added to the gift box.

Finding all 30 treats also completes the Trick or Treat achievement.

If you have more treats than needed, selling them is fine since you cannot complete the trick or treating more than once.

Treat Prize
Candy Corn Ghost Berries(a crop)
Chocolate Bar 4 Black Roses
Caramel Apple Apple Bobbing Barrel
Devil's Food Cake Pumpkin Patch
Ghost Lollipop Ghost Lantern
Taffy Spider Web Lamp Post
Grand Prize Bat Cave / Completing the Trick or Treat achievement


The following items were released on October 14th.

Blood Orange Tree

Trick or Treat items(see above)

The following were released the week of October 21st.

Black Cat

Mini Frankenstein

Flying Witch

Haunted Barn

Possessed Grave

Haunted Graves

Owl Tree

Bat Tree

Re-released items:

Gothic Fence

Gothic Fence Post


Cursed Apple Tree

Skeletal Chicken

The following were released the week of October 28th.

Pumpkin Pile

Pumpkin Scarecrow

Mini Werewolf

Re-released items:

Witch Broom

Bubbly Cauldron

Large Gravestone

Small Gravestone


Halloween 2010 had three seasonal crops. Ghost Berries was the only one that had to be unlocked.

Pumpkin - released on the 14th. Random pumpkins did not turn into Jack-o-lanterns until the release of items on the 21st.

Ghost Berries

Zombie Attack

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