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Job Title

Community Manager


Paid to enlighten.




October 13

Relationship Status


Time Period

September 2009 - August 2010

Echo is a former member of the Meteor Games staff. As Community Manager, Echo redirected players to the correct department and answered what questions she could on the Facebook discussions and Meteor Games forums. Echo was not a member of Support so players should not mail their tickets to her.

As a Moderator


On the Facebook discussions, Echo was officially Meteor Echo, formerly "Meteor Discord". She moderated the forums and had the power to delete abusive threads. She was also in charge of the Little Rock Pool discussions.

If you were to mail Meteor Echo using the Island Paradise mail, she would still show up as "Meteor Discord".

Meteor Games Forum

On the new Meteor Games forums Echo was also known as Echo(on the old forums she was known as TheEcho). As one of the Super Dudes, she had the power to delete abusive threads and ban users who have been consistently abusive towards other players.

Echo has sometimes been called the "Island Police".


Echo was the twit behind the tweets @MeteorParadise and @LittleRockPool. She used both accounts to keep players up to date with game status updates and weekly patch notes.

Hours of Operation

The official hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time), excluding major holidays. Echo had been known to check in on a few occasions outside the official hours however.

As a Real Person

Echo is not Echo's real name. Outside of the Island Paradise circle, Echo is married and does in fact go on holidays.

She works in Los Angeles, California, in the United States.

As a contributor to this Wiki

Echo is one of the contributors to this Wiki. Her username here is TheEcho, same as that of her Meteor Games forum.

As an Easter Egg

Echo has her own Easter Egg. If you enter TPOSG as your island name and save it, it will change into ECHO.


See also

  • Ollie - one of the developers of the game

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