Dragon Kite Shadow Reel

The Dragon Kite floating overhead with its shadow following. The reel is in the corner.

Available for 500 MC. The description reads "With this item a Mystical, dragon kite will soar over your island". It was released for the Chinese New Year 2010, but is not Limited Edition, meaning it is still available in the shop. It was on sale from October 16-30, 2011 for 400 MC.

By purchasing it, you place a small silver and blue reel on your island (you must have space for this) and the dragon kite will appear and float overhead with its shadow following its movements.

If you press Shift-D, the reel will disappear but the kite will continue to float above your island.

Where it can be foundEdit

Dragon Kite Shop 2010.04.09

The Dragon Kite as it appears in the shop.

This item can be found in the shop under the decorations tab, then the seasonal tab. It is the last item on the last page. It appears in the shop as a silver and blue reel, not the Dragon Statue (that is a different item!), and not as a red Dragon Kite as many players expected.

It cannot be found by clicking the floating tiki head in the shop, which is why many players cannot find it.

Note: If you do not see the Dragon Kite in the shop, clear your cache and it will be there.


You can only have 1 Dragon Kite because too many dragons floating overhead would cause a tremendous amount of lag. (It is similar in this aspect to the Animal Limit.)


  • The Dragon Kite used to be called the Dragon Reel.

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