The cookbook is opened when players purchase a stove, place it on their island and click on it. The sheer number of icons in there can be a bit confusing, so this guide will clear things up. While your stove is cooking, it is not possible to access the cookbook, just as it is not possible to access a cookbook without having bought a stove first.

If you have multiple stoves, they will share the same cookbook. A recipe unlocked in one is unlocked in the others. You may not be able to cook the recipe if it is in a stove that is a lower level than the recipe.

The large diagram below will illustrate most of the points. Each item is mentioned is circled. Refer to the color they are circled in.

Red: The X will close the cookbook.

Brown: The level of the recipe you are looking at.

Pink: The sell value of the recipe you are cooking.

Green: The ingredient needed. It is faded out because the player either does not have the right ingredient or enough of the right ingredient.

Blue: The ingredient needed. It is lit up because the player has enough of the correct ingredient.

Grey: The amount of the ingredient needed.

Yellow: This will scroll to the next page.

Black: The page you are on and the total number of pages.

Purple: The number of stars you have. See Upgrading Recipes for more information.

Aqua: The progress you have on that star. This bar will not appear if you have not cooked at least 1 of that recipe or if you have completed it.

Cook, Learn and ResearchEdit

"Cook" means precisely that. You can cook the recipe. "Learn" means you pay a number of coins and unlock the ability to cook the recipe. "Research" means you make a post onto the feed and have your friends help your reasearch the recipe. Research does not cost coins.

All, Fast and SlowEdit

"All" shows all the recipes whether you have unlocked it or not. "Fast" shows all recipes that take 5 minutes or less to cook. "Slow" shows all recipes that take more than 5 minutes to cook.

See alsoEdit

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