Coconut Tree

Sell Price

3 C


Cooking, Designs, Tiki Bar

A Coconut is an item on Island Paradise. They can be stored in your Pantry. They are used as an ingredient in recipes, designs, and in the Tiki Bar. Individual coconuts can be sold for 3 coins each.

Source Edit

Coconuts can be harvested from the Coconut Tree.

Uses Edit

Coconuts can be used to produce the following recipes, designs or drinks:

Name Type

Total amount

Coconut Tapioca C Recipe 270 Coconuts
Fairyberry Perfume C Design 368 Coconuts
Macaroons C Recipe 240 Coconuts
Pina Colada C Drink 240 Coconuts
Mango-Rambutan Frappe C Recipe 205 Coconuts
Razzleberry Soap C Design 476 Coconuts
Sailors' Biscuit C Recipe 580 Coconuts

A total of 2379 Coconuts is required to complete all 3 cooking stars for these recipes, designs and drinks.

Name Type

Total amount

Brazil Nut Cookie Mc Recipe 474 Coconuts
Coconut-Magnolia Sorbet Mc Recipe 350 Coconuts
German Chocolate Cake Mc Recipe 360 Coconuts
Lychee Boba Tea Mc Recipe 120 Coconuts
Macadamia Nut Mini Loaves Mc Recipe 480 Coconuts
Monkeypod Candy Mc Recipe 266 Coconuts
Pink Choco-nanas Mc Recipe 980 Coconuts
Pinkosai Mochi Mc Recipe 386 Coconuts

A total of 3416 Coconuts is required to complete all 3 cooking stars for these MC recipes.

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