Our first shelter!

This object is one of the starter items that players are given on their island. It was meant to be the avatar's shelter, before it could not be placed directly into storage or sold but an update on May 6th, 2010 allowed users to store it using the move tool.



Boat as it appears in storage.

It can be directly stored into storage with the move tool. Before this players have managed to find various ways around it. None of the methods outlined below work as these glitches have been fixed. The broken boat may no longer be stored.

Method 1Edit

Players will put a large number of low cost animals such as chickens surrounding the wreck. If the animal's animation causes it to walk into the Broken Boat, there is a possibility of it being displaced into storage. This method may backfire and place the animal into storage instead.

Method 2Edit

Players will use the move tool to lift up the wreck. They will wait for an animal to walk under it. They will click the tools tool as if they were going to put it back. This should reroute the boat into storage, although it can backfire and send the animal into storage instead.

Method 3Edit

Players will use the move tool to lift up the wreck. They will minimize the island to the smallest size and place it in the upper left corner, in the ocean and save the game.
Boat storage pic

Boat in corner of ocean after being put down.

They will place trees where the boat was and save game again. They refresh the game and the boat should be in storage. They can place the trees back to their original place, if they want.

The boat may take a while to appear in storage, but it will appear.


  • The broken boat used to be invisible on the Shift-M map until a change on May 6, 2010 that also made it easier to store.

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